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If I made it,
then you can
also make it!


Your coaching is 100% individual and I centre your programme around your goals. Therefore, it is of course suitable for women and men. You can find all your plans in an app, together with your personal tracker.


In my app, you’re not only able to access all your plans and your tracker, but also the chat function. You can easily reach out to me 24/7 and you will have my full support every step of the way.


You can decide if you want to work out at home or in the gym.

Besides conventional recipes, you will also have access to vegetarian or vegan nutrition plans!


I know how you’re feeling. I was in the same position.
Together we can make it.



"I’m very happy overall. I only started 3 months ago and lost weight, even though I gained muscles."


"Thank you very much Julius for this coaching. I’ve never been obese or unathletic, but despite trying different training- and nutrition plans, nothing really worked out for me.

A lot of people complement me, even though I did not lose a lot of weight. The trainings- as well as nutrition plans are easy to comprehend and implement and easy to incorporate in my daily routine. I will continue with both plans in a modified way to get the most out of it, or rather to maintain the position."



"I’m happy that I asked someone to create this plan for me. It showed me that my carbohydrates intake was too high, that I was physically too inactive and that I, in general, ate too many calories per day.

I somehow knew it but to see it in black and white changed my perception. In addition, I’m a person that needs rules, or rather ideas, how to efficiently rearrange my nutrition. And that’s what I have with Julius’ plans. Now I adapted my nutrition, I eat more vegetables and I pay attention not to eat too many candies per day. It’s also great that Julius is continuously giving me recommendations, or is answering my questions and that very honest, without wanting to sell more products to me."



"I was able to really improve my fitness state in the 8 weeks of coaching, even though I couldn’t see a training progress for a long time.

In the case of insecurities or questions, I always received a quick answer, which always helped me. The transaction is smooth and the training- and nutrition plans are easy to understand and implement. After these 8 weeks I know: I will definitely continue! Thank you very much!"



"Even though I was very skeptical in the beginning, whether it even makes sense to take part in a programme like this, I’m very happy about it now!

The plan was really balanced and for me as a competitive athlete perfectly adaptable to different conditions! The support and willingness of Julius don’t leave any desires open and he always takes his time to give detailed responses. Within the 8 weeks, I was able to improve my fitness state and especially my body sensation and I am very satisfied with the quality of the coaching!"



"I can see the change through my clothes and everything gets better. I improve my training from week to week. I’m happy to extend the coaching. I’m glad about the successes and I already want to say thank you. I’m excited for the weeks ahead."

Julius Ise

Hi, my name is Julius Ise.

I’m a blogger and fitness coach. Amongst others things, I’m a trainer of the men’s health fitness camps and I want to help you to achieve your goals. I know from my personal experience how you’re feeling and what this situation is like. Just a few years ago, I was obese and unathletic myself. At that time, I didn’t feel confident in my own body. I felt stuffed and uncomfortable after every meal. I accepted this for a long time without changing anything. But then I found a way out! 

Through the combination of a healthy and balanced nutrition, as well as endurance and strength training, I managed to change my body, to lose more than 20kg of fat and to build up muscles. Through that, I also managed to become mentally stronger. Because of my long-lasting experience and my continuous development in the fitness- and nutrition field, I was able to share my knowledge with hundreds of clients and help them reach their goals. 

YOU can also do that!

If I made it,
then you can
also make it!

Be an everyday Hero!